My GTD system

Note to self Note Focus on the process not on the tools!! Process Ubiquitous capture Open formats I do not want my stuff ending up in some closed database or format which is not easily transferable to something else. This means that for instance Evernote is not the best match. Instead I use plain text files as much as possible. Todo file: todo.txt plain text format Minutes and documents: org-mode syntax [Read More]

Using open source for free tasks

Why all the effort? Online task lists are dissappearing left and right (for example Astrid and Wunderlist). You want your tasks under your control which means: You have an open file format storing the tasks. You can synchronize or serve the tasks with open source tools. I started with todo.txt to store my tasks. This works fine, but a format like todo.txt has one big disadvantage: it doesn’t have a concept of task identity so any syncing solution is flaky. [Read More]

Building your own OS

If you want to make your own OS and you like all clear cut code which compiles and does everything you would have ever wanted well then look further (go see Linux). But if you want to build your own OS including booting, switching to PM etcetera etcetera, then this is the place to be! Recently I started my own attempt at writing an OS, well you can’t exactly call it that right now, it only boots from a floppy and switches to Protected Mode right now, but that was hard enough to figure out. [Read More]